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Dua of Sheikh Muhammad Al Mohaisany Masjid Al Haram,Makkah

The Dua was made after traaweeh Salah Ramadan,1422 AH

Note: Sheikh Al Mohaisany was Arrested by the taghout regime of Saudi Arabia immediately after he made the dua

Duration : 0:6:59

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26 Responses to “Dua of Sheikh Muhammad Al Mohaisany Masjid Al Haram,Makkah”

  1. rainermarius Says:

    I agree with you …
    I agree with you 100%. Osama is a stain of filth on Islam’s reputation. He will be sent back to where he came from!

  2. 05112001able Says:

    only God knows what …
    only God knows what Osama is doing but for youur information muslims around da world dont care what you think u jst trying 2 course division in islam or you are jst munaafikh bt it wldnt wrk if da lil kids knw better dnt you mr/miss coolrecursion

  3. ummjunayd Says:


  4. throbule Says:

    This is music to …
    This is music to commit suicide by, but muslims also use it when they are making love to their goats holes. Some of Muslims favourite groups are called; Adolf Allah and his Nasty Nazi Nancy Boys, Abdul and the Turd Wranglers and Umma ma Uppa Your Bumma. They also love drag queens and any music with the words, baby, sex, f**k, ,asshole,fudge, got and penis in the lyrics. The biggest muslim hit ever? was called; “F-ALLAH-CY” sung to the tune of “Y.M.C.A”.

  5. coolrecursion Says:

    bit controversial …
    bit controversial dua but I strongly disagree with you displaying image of Osama during his plea for success of mujhadeen. Osama is not a mujahid but a terrorist who, along with his allies, has ruined the image of muslims around the world and encouraged them to suicide and kill innocent children in so call jihad by blowing themselves up. If they’re really mujaheedin then should help brothers in palestine who are suffering.
    1/5 to this video just for putting evil face of osama.

  6. molanlabexm15 Says:

    I appreciate your …
    I appreciate your logical response to my comment.One thing that i do not understand very well is the mutual history of Saudi Arabia and America.Saudi Arabia has always had oil wealth superior to that of any other nation to my knowledge and it was only surpassed by Americas demand for that oil.Now even if America was aggravating Saudi politics in their favor would you or any other oil bearing Muslim nation just stop doing business with the country that is your best customer?A salesman would not.2

  7. Eye0fTheStorm Says:

    Imagine Russia was …
    Imagine Russia was the world super power for the last 100 years. & America had massive oil which Russia wanted. So for the 100 years they brutalize America. Any time a good political leader arises in America they asinate him. They install puppet dictators in America who steal americas wealth giving it to Russian companies. They torture & kill civilians who speak up. Then an American launches a terrorist attack in Russia. How stupid would it be to say “Russia is great. Just don’t attack us”

  8. freakunit Says:

    Vile Humans
    Vile Humans

  9. legendmind16 Says:

    Your ALL disgusting …
    Your ALL disgusting…each and every one of u….there’s no love being spoken here..not for god or anyone else…only hatred fir all…poking fun at the people who have suffered so much at the hands of people who are animals..only pretebding to be God’s followers..i am a muslim and i say u leave these people alone now…if u have it any worse than the prophet did with the meccans then keep going..or remember that he forgave them

  10. molanlabexm15 Says:

    We learned from …
    We learned from history that appeasement breeds tyrants.Failure to to cry havoc at a time like that and release the dogs of war is treason.The Soviets had no liberty.The British had no liberty. Americans have liberty and they love it.We are also the only country where pursuing happiness is a GOD given right as well as is owning firearms, whereas in the countries of Russia and Britain they do not have these rights. America was founded by people who wanted religious freedom and not a theocracy.

  11. DeenCarrier Says:

    May Allah swt bless …
    May Allah swt bless this Sheikh for speaking the Haqq, for standing up to the tyrant rulers. for standing up to the tawghut leaders. We need more sheikhs like this, who have love for Allah swt, the hereafter and no love for this duniya and would chop of the hands of the kuffar when they ask for friendship.

  12. OldSkoolTunes1 Says:

    yea marines are …
    yea marines are going down like pigeons….lol….dont you people learn from history? The SOVIETS tried to conquer afghanistan, the british tried to as well, all failed……you will fail along side america. :)

  13. molanlabexm15 Says:

    Your dream of …
    Your dream of destroying America will never come to fruition sir.You don’t understand what destroying is ,you don’t even know how to spell the word destroy.And furthermore you don’t know where the center of the earth is.I see you from your page that you yourself are a supporter of terrorism. That’s fine .Your job security. And what you don’t understand is the Marines .Marines love terrorists.They Love them and do you know why?They provide Marines with the kill and that my friend is a great gift

  14. Saifulhaakim Says:

    VEry Nice Oh Allah …
    VEry Nice Oh Allah Distroy America.

  15. molanlabexm15 Says:

    We Americans always …
    We Americans always great our friends with open arms , but don’t push us, we want to live as we wish and you can live as you wish but don’t be aggressive towards us or take our people hostage you better not do that.

  16. molanlabexm15 Says:

    Deuteronomy 32:40- …
    Deuteronomy 32:40-42 , “For i raise my hand to heaven, and say,’ As surely as i live forever,I will sharpen my glittering sword, and my hand will grasp hold of this weapon of judgment;I will execute vengeance on my foes, and repay those who hate me!I will make my arrows drunk with blood,and my sword will devour flesh the blood of the slaughtered and captured, the chief of enemy leaders!”

  17. royalmiskeen Says:

    in what ways islam …
    in what ways islam is in mental?go on say what u hav to say…with proofs and evidences.if u ar accusing somthing then be ready to provide the proofs as well.

  18. freakunit Says:

    Whats is this …
    Whats is this talking about..
    Islam is in mental

  19. UmmahTube Says:

    Someones angry
    Someones angry

  20. snuroni Says:


  21. TrolinTrolinTrolin Says:

    I know its …
    I know its important not to offend people especialy regarding their deep felt beliefs, but
    when you die from AIDs and go to islam the first thing you will see is your paki mum’s mouth overflowing with my hot while i slap my sloppy against her ugly retard face forever
    then mohamed will be ed raw by a herd of pigs and dogs and allah will be on hand to sucks the ty dog and pig out of mohameds arse

  22. truth571 Says:

    nice dua and i read …
    nice dua and i read something that the sheikh is commiting shirk who said that is a great fool he says Allah said pray to me before I accept your prayings than the sheikh responce with O Allah accept our prayings dont tell lies you will be punished on the day of judgement nothing wrong with this dua. extend to king of the worlds ALLAH

  23. AlQuranWaAlAhadeeth Says:

    “Those who came …
    “Those who came after them (the Sahabah) say: ‘Our Lord forgive us. Forgive our brethren who preceded us in faith. Purify our hearts of any rancor toward the believers. Our Lord, You are Gentle, Compassionate.” (al-Hashr 59/l0)

    “Do not revile my companions. By (Allah) in Whose Hand my soul is!, if any one of you spends gold (piled up) like (mount) ‘Uhud it will not equal a pint of any one of them, nor its half.” (al-Bukhari, Muslim, Abu-Dawud, at-Tirmidhi Ibn Majah, Ibn Hanbal)

  24. AlQuranWaAlAhadeeth Says:

    “Now surely sincere …
    “Now surely sincere obedience is due to Allah (alone). And those who choose protectors besides Him (say), we serve them only that they may bring us nearer to Allah. Surely Allah will judge between them in that in which they differ. Surely Allah guides not him who is a liar, ungrateful.” [Al Zumar:3]

    The verses you have sighted refer to drawing closer via actions: jihaad, salaat, etc.

  25. AlQuranWaAlAhadeeth Says:

    First off you must …
    First off you must not have ever read the Qur’an, because it says what you are doing by saying Ya ‘Ali is shirk here:

    “And they serve besides Allah that which can neither harm them nor profit them and they say, These are our intercessors with Allah. Say, Would you inform Allah of what He knows not in the heavens and the earth? Glory be to Him, and supremely exalted is He above what they set up! (with Him).” [Yunus:18]

  26. ILoveAllah Says:

    May Allah swt bless Sheikh Mohammed Al Mohaisany He is my Favourite sheikh.. Allah will reward those people who arrest him for nothing.. That’s true.. America most be destroyed from the world.. Because they only make war instead of making peace. Allah swt will give America their reward of what they do to innocent muslims.. In Iraq, Afghanistan , Palestine , Somalia ! and to muslims who is arrested in Guatamale..who they torture those innocent people.. America go to Hell.. May Allah swt stop America 4 what they are doing to innocent muslim people

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